how to earn from NFT and Metaverse

 how to earn from NFT and Metaverse 

How to start earning on NFT and reach the first income

Hey. I am volsvaka crypto, I have been stewing in the crypto-currency movement for 4 years now and have been earning on NFT for more than six months. In this article, I will talk about how to start understanding NFT and earn decent money in this area

Let's start with a little theory

What is NFT

NFT is a non-fungible token that confirms ownership of an object. The owner can be publicly verified thanks to the openness of the blockchain. You will be able to publicly see: who, when, and at what price bought NFTs.

In NFT, everything is transparent, as long as you don't end up on various scam sites.Non-fungible tokens are used in many areas of life. For example, artists create their paintings right on the blockchain and then sell them for fabulous money.

Cases of earnings

For clarity, here are a couple of my cases

I bought several NFTs from the Desperate ApeWife collection (“Monkey Wives”) at the primary sale and made a profit of 950 thousand rubles, having invested only 20 thousand

I bought a picture with a dog for 860 thousand and sold it the same night for 1.4 million rubles. Net profit amounted to more than 500 thousand

I bought two mutants from the BAYC collection, spending a total of 4 million rubles, and sold one of them for 4.5 million rubles at the exchange rate in force at that time. With this money, I gave my father a new BMW X6 M

There is nothing difficult in buying low and selling high - everyone can repeat such actions if they understand the topic of crypto speculation. But if you do not have initial capital, you can start earning without investment

Earnings on NFT without investments

One of the ways to earn income on NFTs without starting capital is to earn money on WhiteList

WhiteList (WL) is a limited list of people who are guaranteed to receive tokens from the NFT project. If you get on the whitelist, you can get NFTs and then sell them. But in promising NFT projects, there are much more people who want to get into the WhiteList than the tokens themselves, this is one of the disadvantages of this type of income

The easiest way to get into WL is to play NFT games. Just spending time there: by filling levels and unique items, you can then sell them for real money

Of course, this option will require a lot of free time

An alternative way is to participate in the activity of social networks of NFT projects. Many giveaways are held on Discord servers

Earning with investments

If you have initial capital and want to take a risk, you can try to make money on mints. Mint - buying NFTs directly from the creators of the collection. Often they arrange primary sales at a bargain price

An example of earning on mint

The artist releases a collection of 9999 NFTs. Each token is designed as a picture with a different design

Next, he draws up the date of the mint, i.e., the primary sale of the NFT. After the start of the mint, people will be able to buy these tokens directly from the artist and then sell them for a profit

After buying an NFT for 0.08 ETH, after a month you can sell it for 1 ETH or more. Or earlier - if you decide to make a profit faster

Tokens are issued not only by artists but also by well-known companies such as Adidas


In addition to mints and NFT whitelists, you can earn in the metaverses - virtual worlds that are becoming more and more popular all over the world

The simplest examples of earning money are buying and selling land, renting out an apartment, or releasing your NFT collection. In the world of the metaverse, NFTs play the role of a kind of currency from the real world, for which everything is bought and sold

How to start earning in NFT

step by step instructions

To get involved in buying and selling tokens, start with the following steps

Register a wallet. One of the popular ones is Metamask. It is a decentralized wallet used by NFT investors. Then connect it to OpenSea, the most famous NFT marketplace

Analyze the market. Examine the upcoming collections, get acquainted with their authors and promises, the level of hype, and possible prospects. A banal example: collections from well-known brands are considered more promising than from ordinary authors

Get on Whitelist. If you don't have money to buy NFT right away, try to get on the white list. Take an active part in the life of society, fulfill the conditions of competitions, meet new people. They can issue guaranteed invitations to the WhiteList

Get WL and make a decision. If you get WL, decide whether you want to sell it right away or mint NFT. The first option will allow you to get a guaranteed profit, the second is riskier, but theoretically, it will be possible to earn more in the future if NFT grows in price

Repeat. Return to point 2 and continue on your way

By the way, you can earn money not only by trading but also by working directly in the NFT field. While there is a lot of hype around it, specialists in this movement are paid more. For example, in this vacancy, an SMM manager is offered from 50 to 80 thousand rubles

You now have the basic knowledge of making money with NFTs. However, this topic is vast, and it will not work to immerse yourself in it completely with the help of one article. To become a real expert, you need to know a lot of subtleties

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