Bitcoin price prediction 2022

 Bitcoin price prediction 2022

Bitcoin price prediction 2022

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies have been in a protracted fall since the fall of 2022. At the same time, the crypto market has at least 3 reasons to change direction.

Reasons for further growth of the crypto market

The editors of  Volsvaka CRYPTO identified 3 reasons for the positive movement of cryptocurrencies shortly.

1. Escalation of geopolitical conflict

- Against the background of the escalation of the political conflict between Russia and Ukraine, citizens of both countries turned their attention to cryptocurrency. Some used digital assets to save money in the face of the depreciation of national currencies, while others used to circumvent the restrictions set by regulators.

For example, since March 2, 2022, citizens of the Russian Federation have been banned from exporting foreign currency worth more than $10,000. For those who were going to move out of the country, the restrictions turned out to be critical. Earlier, the editors of Volsvka CRYPTO found out that market participants can bypass the Central Bank's limits on the export of currency abroad through the crypt. At the same time, in order not to encounter difficulties, you need to follow several safety rules.

In particular, the increased volume of purchases of bitcoins for rubles and hryvnias indicates the outbreak of interest of citizens of countries in cryptocurrencies.
When the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine will end is unknown. It can be assumed that soon, citizens of countries, in an attempt to save their savings and circumvent the prohibitions of regulators, will continue to enter the crypto market. The influx of new users into the crypto industry, in turn, will push the coin rate up.

Experience that foreigners could "try on"

The problems faced by users of traditional financial organizations in the Russian Federation and Ukraine against the backdrop of an aggravation of the political conflict have become another proof of the advantages of cryptocurrencies over traditional money.

The situation demonstrated the possibilities of digital assets to people around the world who unwittingly “tried on” the circumstances for themselves. Thus, the escalation of the conflict between the Russian Federation and Ukraine helped to expand the crypto community at the expense of people who saw cryptocurrencies as a tool to reduce risks during periods of growing tension in the geopolitical arena. The expansion of the crypto industry can support the positive coins price movement in the digital asset market.

2. Lockdown in China :

Reports began to appear in the media about the introduction of a lockdown in China against the backdrop of another outbreak of coronavirus. Netizens have speculated that the regime will be able to support the rise in prices and market capitalization

The commentators explained their point of view by the fact that against the background of the lockdown, many Chinese will be forced to stay at home. To pass the time, Chinese citizens, many of whom are interested in cryptocurrencies, will go to crypto exchanges.

3. People's need for additional sources of income

Inflation has become another of the problems that people have faced against the backdrop of a tense situation in the geopolitical arena. For example, in the United States, the indicator has been updated a maximum of 40 years. In the Russian Federation, inflation is expected to rise to 20% in 2022.
Rising prices for goods against the background of the previous level of wages reduces the standard of living. To remedy the situation, many people are entering the crypto market. There are many schemes for making money in the crypto industry. For example, you can earn income from trading, staking, and even games .

The influx of people into the crypto industry who are looking for ways to make money on digital assets can support the rise in prices in the crypto market and especially bitcoins price and market capitalization                    
Recall that earlier expert shared with the editors of  VolsvakaCrypto recipes for maintaining mental health when working with cryptocurrencies.

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